Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why Proverbs 10:4?

After I changed jobs in February of last year, I took a cut in pay and hours to be closer to home and work for a much better boss. My family was doing well until my husband was sidelined by a shoulder injury that led to surgery and him being on disability and out of work for 3 months. I don't have to go into details about the financial crunch we were under. So, I picked up The Good Book and it opened to the book of Proverbs, and there in front of my nose was chapter ten and verse four practically screaming at me. I have been a lazy crafter, making things to give as gifts here and there because I really don't like giving gifts that you see in stores everywhere. I have used every excuse not to start my business (ie. the economy, working full time, too tired), and I'm pretty sure I have run out of excuses. Especially since the girls I work with keep pushing me to "just do it". So, I'm hoping and praying that diligent hands truly do bring wealth. After all, the Bible can't be wrong! So, I hope that you will enjoy what Proverbs 10:4 Gifts & Decor. has to offer.

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