Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bandana Dresses

Here are the bandana dresses I've been working on. Hanna couldn't wait to model her dress. I embroidered her dress with an H on one of the three accent fabric squares on the upper part of the dress. Here is a back view of Hanna's dress. She had fun twirling and posing for the pictures. She asked when I could make her more of these kinds of dresses.
Here is a full view of the front of Hanna's dress.

The red bandana dress would be perfect for the rodeo. I can add embroidery to any of the dresses, very easily to dress them up for a fancier look. Notice how my lovely model had to sneak into the photo here too.

I am working out sizing to make a wider range available. I should have sizes available from newborn through girls' size 6/8. I am working on altering this pattern to make a shirt for my oldest daughter since she doesn't like to wear dresses.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my latest handiwork. I'll keep ya posted!


  1. These are really pretty! Nice to meet you (Julieriis off the CAST thread)