Thursday, February 20, 2014

Etsy School!!! I'm a student again!

I started out this new year with a reignited fire lit under me to get my business into gear and moving full speed ahead. Well, I found that fire to be burning brighter inside me than in was on the outside. I wasn't sure what my next business step was supposed to be. I was doing my day to day schedule but my efforts didn't seem to produce results. I felt that I was just going through the motions and just spinning in circles.  So, by mid-January that fire had fizzled to a small ember.

 Late January rolls around, still not intensity in the business flame, I logged in to my Etsy shop and saw a conversation message had popped up from my Team Serenity leader with the subject line reading "Etsy School". I opened up the conversation message on the team page and read the details. "Eureka" an answer I was looking for! This was something I HAD to do!

Starting February 1, 2014, this four week class covers everything you need to know to become a successful etsy shop owner. I was partnered with Janice, Aqua Iguana, and I couldn't have been partnered with anyone more perfect! The team leader says she used a random pairing software to choose who is partners with whom, but I fully believe that God was the one doing the choosing in my case.  We are both at the same point in our shop history, and we are both dying to make our shops morph into our primary day job. Janice has been harsh when she needs to be, which is what I need, and praising where deserved. I am so thankful for this opportunity! We are on week 3 of 4 and I have already seen BIG changes in my shop! Anyone new to Etsy should join a team and check out Etsy School, it surely has helped me!   Show my partner some love and check out her handiwork,

Thinking about starting an Etsy shop? Check out this etsy blog, I think most of your questions will be answered here

Well, time to get back into creative mode!

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