Friday, March 28, 2014

Announcing First Ever Giveaway!

This year, so far, has been very successful for me, in many different ways. So, in celebration of this newfound success, I have decided to do my very first giveaway. Now, I just couldn't do a plain ol' boring giveaway, that wouldn't be any fun and it would go against my creative nature.

First things first, we gotta have a theme! In honor of my oldest daughter's upcoming sweet sixteenth birthday, I will dedicate this giveaway to her. She is an Earth Day baby, so what better theme for an April 22, 2014 giveaway than Earth Day?! I love you bunches BooBooGirl!

Next topic for my Earth Day Giveaway, what and how many do I give away? To keep with the theme I was thinking of my Reusable Shopping Bag as the first prize and maybe working up to giving away a full set, since it does come in three sizes, depending on how many people have fulfilled the requirements below by the drawing date. But, who knows, I may come up with something else altogether, like take a poll on what to giveaway.

I will be keeping you all updated as we get closer to the big giveaway day, so keep an eye out on Facebook! I have specific goals in mind and I will reveal them as we hit them along the way!

Rules for participation:
1. Anyone can participate and there is no purchase required. Although, if you can't wait for the giveaway, you can visit my Etsy shop and buy your favorite item there any time, night or day!
2. You must visit and "Like" Proverbs 10:4 Gifts & Decor. on Facebook.
3.  "Share" the giveaway post from the Proverbs 10:4 Gifts & Decor. Facebook news feed onto your news feed, the more people participating the more prizes I will be adding. So feel free to "Share" as many times as you'd like for a better chance at winning a prize.
4.  You must be a Proverbs 10:4 Gifts & Decor."fan" on Facebook at the time of the drawing, or you won't know if you are a winner of one of the prizes or not and I will choose another winner instead.  Not to mention you will be missing out on future giveaway announcements and shop specials!
5.  Leave me some feedback under comments on this giveaway post. What did you think of the giveaway, what did you like or not like, what shop item would you like to see in a future giveaway, what new item would you like me to create and add to my repertoire, etc. I value your input, that is the only way I can learn about what I need to improve on or what is working just fine.
6.  One final rule is that I reserve the right to change or cancel this giveaway at anytime, although I would hate to have to do this, so let's all get along and be fair while we have some fun!

Thank you so much for your support, and Happy Earth Day!